With the advent of holistic cosmetic products, cosmetics have moved beyond physical beauty to maximize consumers’ well-being. The skin-brain axis, the largest organ in the human body, is inextricably linked to the nervous system. Its complicated physiological milieu includes nerve endings on the skin that interact with neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, as well as stress hormones, which influence our psychological state and the skin in a two-way manner. Due to increased reliance on technology, psychological stress is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives.

It is also well known that the recent pandemic crisis has increased anxiety and stress levels worldwide. There is a possibility that these factors may affect skin physiology and speed up the signs of skin aging. People are increasingly interested in wellness practices as an age group, not only because they reduce stress, but also because they want to look healthy and refreshed.

Besides enhancing skin’s appearance, Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty) delivers products that enhance well-being and good emotions, as well as alleviate psychological stress. These psychological characteristics have been quantified in a variety of ways.

An active ingredient in Telophi biotech appears to be capable of reducing stress-related skin damage as well as physiological stress levels. Researchers found significant reductions in cortisol levels and improvements in facial harmony and balance after 28 days of treatment. Components of Telophi biotech address psychological stress’ detrimental effects.

Using Oxylance’s innovative botanical ingredient, skin oxygen levels can be increased while happiness levels are increased. Emotion Research Lab helped with the wellness portion of the study, in which human subjects described their emotional state after 28 days of applying 2% OxylanceTM advanced botanical cream.

An emotional intelligence software program was used to record each volunteer’s response and characterize the global emotional pattern. Additionally, the results obtained using the product were compared with those obtained using the same emotion rating technique among human volunteers. A cream containing 2% Oxylance advanced botanical ingredient increased the mean of maximum value happiness after a yoga session, proving that active ingredients can promote good feelings.

Researchers examined Uniclay biotech ingredients’ ability to mimic the wellness-enhancing advantages of clay masks in a group of human participants using a Mirror Test. In this study, we examined how individuals responded to two stated questions when confronted with their reflection in a mirror, both vocally (prosody) and semantically (verbatim). As a result of the component, perceptions changed from a negative and lower arousal sensation (before treatment) to a more positive and higher excitement feeling (after treatment), indicating an increase in self-satisfaction.

A person’s self-image, or how they see themselves in the mirror and their heads, plays an important role in how they feel and, therefore, how they feel well. We can improve our relaxed state, reduce emotional stress, and increase our sense of happiness with LLS Beauty.

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