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Terms and Conditions

Network involvement is a track using the publisher Membership Agreement. Clicking on the “OK” box in other languages or a similar income will run the program in their understanding. The effective date of this agreement will be the date you click “OK” Use your browser’s print function to print a copy of this agreement.

 This convention includes additional appendices 1–4. Any extra accessories should be double-checked.

You (“you”) are party to this Publisher Membership Agreement with Intechlinks INC, a limited liability company incorporated and existing under Delaware law, except if your company is headquartered in, or you reside in, one of the following states:

  1. Intechlinks. And you agreed. Account, of the European region in the European Economic Area or the Swiss Economic Zone, Internet Marketing Europe Limited, a limited liability company, is the publisher in the country for this convention.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, this agreement is between you and Intechlinks INC, and any organization owned by the firm following Australian legislation shall be considered an Australian region publisher.
  3. If you live in Japan, India, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam, this agreement is between Intechlinks INC and you. For this agreement, they will be referred to as “Asian region publishers.
  4. You and Brazil are the only parties to this agreement. This agreement is evaluated by the Brazilian regional editor, it depends on the objective of the law in Brazil and the aim of Intechlinks INC. If you have registered or accepted the name of the unit on behalf of these firms, this agreement is presumed to have been approved on their behalf.

 This means that the convention deals with the “Agreement” of the publishers, individuals, and communities, as well as all political and policy guidance of the region’s specific payment policy, such as payment policy in the region of Brazil or network policy (the “network policy”), as is sometimes the case.

 You can access the Network Policies by visiting or by clicking other links we may provide from time to time. Following the other factors and good values stated in this document, the parties have affirmed and received sufficient mutual pledges and agreements, and both parties agree to abide by the law as follows:


1.1 Enrollment

Intechlinks INC. requires correct and complete information about the registration of market integrity before the network can be used as a publisher network. Your registration information must be updated immediately if this information changes.

1.2 Information

Intechlinks INC. reserves the right to verify the validity and accuracy of registration information at any time. We caution you that if Intechlinks determines that information is misleading or false, Intechlinks may restrict your account and/or deny service.

 You may also evaluate Intechlinks’ actions in the study and or confirm this information and or otherwise comply with this convention by assessing the amount that Intechlinks INC. pays Commission to stop and or other fees you may pay.

1.3 Involvement

You must also have computer equipment and internet connectivity to gain access to the network.

1.4 Internet Access

You acknowledge that, if you have already registered as an employee, the Intechlinks service is provided free of charge to facilitate exclusive business transactions by providing a network of services for connecting services. You are only permitted to use the web trade for advertising purposes.

Also, they assert that the network is not used by the corporation as a consumer.

2. Define key concepts

2.1 The following concepts are defined as follows:

The advertiser should clarify who owns and runs the website and other companies that use the internet to obtain customers.


There are many types of content, including data, documents, text, software, sound, music, photographs, graphics, and videos. A corporate affiliate is directly or indirectly controlled by a person or persons or is under the same control, without resulting in the “control” of the direct or indirect authority or possession of any other person who is responsible for management or human policy direction.

The term “end-user” refers to a consumer, a current or potential customer, or anyone else who uses a product. A contract agreement or an agreement between you and Intechlinks INC can be referred to as an engagement period. It can be initiated via the internet or converted or included in member marketing activities that are currently linked to online tracking and monitoring.

Entities are individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, reputable institutions, governmental bodies, and other properties that are legal persons. It is assumed that the terms included are preceded by without limitation.

Intellectual Property Rights include copyright, content, documentation, training manuals, and other materials, including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright, moral rights, and other Intellectual Property Rights and properties, whether registered or unregistered. Any program code, script, programming technique, or another method (or a combination thereof) which (1) establishes a connection between two sides or (2) indicates the path to the destination in the “Logo” “user” or “text” a word or phrase of the logo or text material or graphic others when someone is activated, resulting in a page template that allows this person or person to access online content, products, services, or links to other pages.

Affiliate network marketing online network, which involves running Intechlinks incorporation through the introduction of a contract with the network of network editors. The phrase “provided by Intechlinks incorporation” or “Intechlinks given” refers to tools, services, resources, or other offerings provided by Intechlinks or its associated parties. As a network advertiser, you aim to distribute the network publishers and advertisers, who are close to the network advertiser’s contract, through your participation and the use of your offer.

As a result of participating in online media and using the appropriate technology, a network publisher would like to include them in a contract or make it available for viewing or distribution of compensation for eligible bonds. Network Publisher Account Area referred to pages of private networks are regions of site pages created by Intechlinks for the convenience of use of interaction Publication network registered to include a specific wallet address from time to time and with that the report and participate in the network. Offerings entail that Intechlinks offers technical, software, reporting, database, customer service, account management, and other customer seminars, summits, and education, as well as Web Services, as well as other tools and services that Intechlinks may provide or make from time to time.

Any natural person or entity that engages in forbidden conduct means threatening harassment or harassing any of the following activities.

(a) Under applicable law, it is unlawful to discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, age, inclination, disability, or any other basis.

(b)There is a prohibition on gambling

(c) Illicit substances cannot be sold, exported, or used

(d) It is prohibited to engage in obscene, pornographic, or similar activities or make explicit statements

(e) It is unlawful to engage in terrorism, rebellion, or any other unlawful activity

(f) Material and/or hyperemia downloading of congestion and/or other property for sale or other material in any form without the author’s permission violations of any laws or regulations, intellectual property, or other rights of any person or entity of the owner or entity of the conflict or infringement of this intellectual property.

(g) Causing any damage to the minor.

(j) Fraudulent activity, imitation, or any interaction between Intechlinks and a person misrepresenting their affiliation.

Generally, a qualifying link is a link provided by Intechlinks or authorized by the side to display, distribute, or arrange at or through the joining and/or with the exposure of neutral link interaction. Advertising online monitors and clicks through presentations and contracts, as well as links to continue and/or other activities. It can also refer to any construction mechanism or analogous process that begins when you click on the qualifying link and ends the same way.

Entrepreneurs, Intechlinks suppliers, and authorized dealers are the company’s connected parties. Essentially, the site is tailored to the needs of the context for the web data files or computer databases, email, scripts, programs, or other applications or news sites, in addition to the support of documents and software provided or required on the train or connected to it, the person or operating two sides obtain the work. You can have each person’s company that is a contract as a whole, and no preacher dies to his purpose by a place. To accomplish these arrangements, you can use the following types of advertising you can try to accomplish the following types of tracked activities. It is possible to track and report any work business activities, such as images of Impressions on no I sell products and services, download programs, documents, or other components of the process, complete the registration process, or open any other form of any account members and coupons contained in the account. “Online” or “Web” refers to global computer networks, such as the internet, as well as the networks behind it that are not accessible by wired or wireless means.

3. Participation

3.1 Participants in the network can use the publisher to participate in the network transactions if they are connected to the network publishers. You may participate at any time, and your contribution is entirely voluntary. Any advertising network or application request for an application of purchase a promotion service link interaction or any online advertising or trade, or its product, service, or merchandise are examples of interaction with Intechlinks.

3.2 Intechlinks does not permit anyone to use the goods or services of a supplier, or dealer at any time. Interactive needling can be interpreted as an inducement to subscribe or pay for remuneration not to engage in the network or utilize anything offered.

Activities that are tied to or connected to the website (or a portion of it) for its participation in the network are prohibited. Any prohibited activity may be facilitated or suggested by it.

4.Relevant connections

4.1 According to Intechlinks, Link is qualified to use the tracking code Limited in a non-volatile form.

4.2 Referrals must be valid: designed to provide even consent through qualified links. It does not allow or intend that anyone can activate or attempt to activate an attempt to influence the amount result of an in his limited combination of the results of the required or orbit, including but not limited to any method or technology that does not give the user a permanent connection to the target site.

4.3 Intechlink’s assessment of whether attract activity occurred from a qualifying shall be final and binding.

4.4 Distribution of qualified links you agree to the following:

  1. As requested by Intechlinks from time to time, on the Intechlinks list website (for any non-owned or run non-owned) or any of the following necessary information) create pages in response to link qualification and related material planning or distribution and/or use.
  2. Logic Intechlinks direct collaboration and engagement inquiries, complaints, and claims are claims or to the network wherein these connections are allowed in distributed online advertising or used. This includes stopping the distribution of more qualified links (and related material) and responding to any other questions each advertiser may have. If you approve a link to a third-party website, you are responsible for any violations of this agreement that may occur. A qualified link to another site may not be distributed by Intechlinks.

4.5 No modification or alteration of qualifying links: You agree not to any other forms and/or technical and/or Intechlinks of the necessary or available consent, and/or any method that modifies or blocks, destroys, interferes with, or disrupts online advertising, the provision of symbols, including promotion and presentation of eligible links. Unless explicitly authorized by the relevant advertising network, you will not develop a particular rehabilitation therapy for ear link, in which case all conditions will be based on the existing network.

4.6 Intechlinks or the relevant network advertiser can terminate any qualifying links associated with any engagement. You must remove the announcement of the skate older participation as well as the Representation of the appropriate network share after the approved link expires. A compound has approved this and will not revoke it if Intechlinks of these links forward to decide, paid or unpaid for you to decide.

4.7 If advertisers on the web do not expressly approve the use of their changes on the site, or if you change the size of the format, edit or alter any content provided otherwise, you may not use their changes on the site. It is important to keep in mind the network’s limitations when making such a change.

4.8 Termination of use of qualified links: You may terminate the use of qualified links at any time by removing them from your site with or without notice from Intechlinks, but you will remain bound by the terms of the agreement.