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Intechlink’s Privacy Statement

Intechlink’s privacy policy outlines what information it gathers and how it uses it. To achieve its goal of gaining users’ confidence and trust, Intechlink has made public its procedures, which are as follows:

Information about what kind of information is collected on the website is explained in its privacy policy. In it, you will find out how the organization collects and uses information, how the website shares it, and what options are available for collecting, using, and distributing information. Additionally, the privacy policy specifies what security measures are in place to safeguard information and how many inaccuracies can be corrected.

You can examine the policy in four primary sections based on whether it applies to the general public, publishers, merchants, or users.

Section 1: Introduction

Keeping the information secure

Keeping patient information secure on Intechlink is ensured by a firewall-protected service. Using the most advanced security features, personal information is protected from unauthorized access or use. Intechlink employees have access to the privacy policy, and backups are made regularly to ensure that personal information is not lost.

The information the user submits on the internet is at their own risk, even though Intechlink closely controls all security measures.

Cookie Utilization

The purpose of cookies is to track and store information about prior visits to a website on the user’s computer. There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.

The session cookie facilitates website browsing and expires when the browser is closed. On the other hand, persistent cookies remain on the hard drive for a long time. The main function of persistent cookies is to learn your preferences and to improve your experience. To delete persistent cookies, choose the “clear cookies” option in your browser.

Information disclosed to third parties

To analyze how users use and access the website, Intechlinks uses third-party and analytics technologies to drop cookies on the website and collect non-personally identifiable information about them. By accepting the privacy policy, you consent to cookies being dropped on the device to which Intechlink has gained access. The website does not have access to or control over these cookies.

Changes to the privacy policy

It is recommended that you review the privacy policy frequently because it may be updated, altered, and changed at any time. Whenever major changes are made to the policies, the publisher Hub and merchant Hub will be notified.

Part 2: Publisher

Intechlinks curates what kind of information?

Upon registering with Intechlinks, publishers provide the website with the following types of personally identifiable information. Use the publisher’s full name if the two names differ.

  • email address
  • Phone number
  • Website information
  • Bank / PayPal details
  • Payment and VAT information
  • House address

How did you hear about Intechlinks?

As well as the aforementioned information, Intechlinks curates information on when and how a publisher uses the publisher hub, which provides other reports, tools, and interfaces.

How the user information is gathered?

The information is used by Intechlinks to perform its obligations under the convention, including evaluating the properties of Intechlink-enabled sites and contacting publishers to assist with registration, adoption, and development.

Additionally, the information gathered is used to pay the publisher a percentage of commissions earned through the services, and for any engagement about Intechlink.

According to how publishers utilized Intechlinks in the past, Intechlinks collects information about their performance and billing to provide updates on performance and billing.

Publishers can edit the information they submit to Intechlink within the publisher’s future purchases or service exchanges.

Information editing

Intechlink can be edited by the publisher within the publisher hub. Moreover, the publisher must log off the publisher hub when not in use to keep the password secure and protect the information from unauthorized use and access.

Publishers and their data protection policies

The publisher is responsible for ensuring that the privacy policy, about us, and other related sections of the website contain the following conspicuous elements, and relies on the user’s permission for each:

  1. The statement indicating the use of the Intechlink-enabled site’s service, such as “Our website accommodates some affiliate marketing links, and any sales generated by that link benefit us.” Commissions are articles in substance, but affiliate affiliation with advertisers has no influence.
  2. Third-party analytics drop cookies on a user’s computer when a user views the website or clicks the NASA link-enabled sites and publisher toolbars. A privacy policy should also include instructions on disabling Intechlink Optimization cookies.

Distribute to third parties

A part of the publisher’s information may be shared with partners and advertisers by Intechlink to strengthen the relationship between the advertiser and the merchant, leading to a larger revenue share for the publisher.

The date that Intechlink kin circumstances can reveal

  1. A publisher and merchant may have an economic tie, which Intechlink notices.
  2. Businesses or assets should be sold or purchased with information close to the buyer-seller.
  3. When we are required to disclose and share our personal information to satisfy the court or jurisdiction of the competent Government and other legal obligations for the application or application of Intechlink service requirements to protect Intechlink, our Client, or other’s rights, property, or security.

Section 3: Retailer

Intechlinks curates what kind of information?

When a merchant registers to use the services, the website gathers the following types of personally identifiable information. The full name of the merchant and, if different, the name of the merchant’s contact

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website information
  • Bank / PayPal data
  • Payment and VAT information

Along with the aforementioned information, Intechlinks gathers data on how and when Merchants use the Merchant Hub, which includes other reports, tools, and interfaces.

How the information is gathered used?

This information is used by Intechlinks to perform its obligations under the convention, such as evaluating the Merchant’s property and offering assistance with registration, adoption, and development of services.

 Also, the information collected is used to bill the Merchant for their portion of the commission billed for the services, as well as for any engagement regarding Intechlink-related matters.

Intechlinks collects information to provide performance and billing updates to the Merchant, as well as to improve the services provided by Intechlinks based on how the Merchant used them previously.

In addition to connecting them with the Publishers, the information can also be used to exchange goods and services in the future.

Information editing

Through the Merchant Hub, the Merchant can amend the information submitted to Intechlink. In addition, Merchants must log off the Merchant Hub when not in use to protect the password and to prevent unauthorized access to the information.

Publishers and their data protection policies

The publishers are responsible for ensuring that the privacy policy “about us” and other related and corresponding sections of the website contain the following silent features and that the merchants get approval from the user for each of these features. Whenever a user accesses the website or clicks on an affiliate link nestling, third-party analytics technology drops cookies on the user’s computer. In addition, the merchant is responsible for including information in the privacy policy about deactivating the use of Intechlink Optimization cookies.

Distribute to third parties

It is Intechlink’s priority to protect your personally identifiable information, and we will never disclose it without your consent. However, certain circumstances may lead to the disclosure of this information, including

  1. The discovery of a potential commercial relationship between the publisher and merchant by Intechlink.
  2. Businesses or assets should be sold or purchased with information close to the buyer-seller.
  3. For instance, when we are required to disclose and share your personal information to comply with a court order or the authority of the competent government, as well as for other legal obligations in connection with the application or application of the Intechlink service requirements for the protection of Intechlink or our Client’s rights, property, or security.

Section 4: The User

Intechlinks curates what kind of information?

The purpose of this section is to explain how Intechlink works with Intechlink-enabled sites, and publisher toolbars, and how it collects user information.

What exactly is Intechlinks?

Using Intechlink’s services, publishers could generate cash and information from their commerce-related content. Publishers create links on content that is made available to users by developing a link on the content. Upon clicking the link, the user is taken to the Merchant’s website, and if a purchase is made, the merchant pays the publisher a referral fee. Neither the referral fee nor the user’s experience with the merchant is affected by the referral fee.

Collection and use of the user’s information

The user’s personally identifying information is not intended or on purpose collected by Intechlink. Information that cannot be linked to a specific individual, however, includes:

To provide a satisfactory and compatible link and reduce the possibilities of fraud or non-human browsing attempts, the IP address of the user is saved to deduce its geographical location.

To facilitate merchants and advertising with a preferred browsing environment, the publisher collects information relating to the device users use to access the site within the publisher’s network.

To provide merchants and advertisers with appropriate links in advertising, we collect information on the entire website a user visits within the publisher network.

By using cookies, Intechlink can provide the publisher, merchant, and advertiser with better opportunities and better services.