Here’s another wonderful marketing event to inspire your users to buy more during this time of year when people buy a lot of gift items to demonstrate how much they value their loved ones. It is in sync with e-commerce and can be used for a variety of buying occasions, which is why we appreciate affiliate marketing! As an affiliate marketer, let’s look at why St. Valentine’s Day is worth your time.

Statistics on Valentine’s Day

Despite its tradition as a Western festival celebrated in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia, Valentine’s Day has now become a global event. It is not only popular in North America and Europe, but also in China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and African countries. Valentine’s Day is planned by more than half of all married, partnered, engaged, or involved adults in 28 countries.

How much do people spend on what they buy?

In a survey of 18-24-year-olds, approximately 70% stated they would buy candy as a gift. Flowers and greeting cards ranked highly among all age groups, as did confectionery. According to a survey conducted in the United States, 15% of respondents said that a trip or concert would make the perfect Valentine’s Day present. One in ten Americans polled said they would be delighted to receive clothing. It is expected that Valentine’s Day spending in 2022 will reach $23.9 billion, up from $21.8 billion in 2021 and the second-highest on record.

As people are more likely to spend the holiday eating out or engaging in other leisure activities than celebrating at home, at-home celebrations are no longer among the top five most popular ways to spend the holiday. Compared to a year ago, more people want a special meal, a getaway, or to experience something new. It’s no surprise that people are naturally eager to travel since experiences are more memorable than objects. 31% of Americans planned to go out in 2022, up from 24% in 2021 and just slightly below pre-pandemic levels. A survey found that 31% of respondents spent more on Valentine’s Day than they could afford to impress their special someone.

Spending trends for Valentine’s Day in 2023

  • The sweets, the flowers, and the greeting cards
  • Home decorations
  • Clothing and jewelry
  • Activities, restaurants, and movies

On Valentine’s Day, how can affiliate marketing be effective?

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated by Christians. Despite this, it has evolved into not only a religious, but also a cultural and commercial celebration of passion and loves around the world, spanning denominations and cultures. Due to the huge amount of sales affiliate marketing generates, it is immensely effective.

St. Valentine’s Day is observed by whom?

Use the average spending trends on February 14 to determine which audience is active on this day. Young people between the ages of 25 and 45 are the target demographic for this holiday, with men buying gifts more frequently and spending more on average. Women’s checks often exceed $100 and men’s checks often exceed $200 in Western countries. You’ll gain a lot of new customers this way.

Restaurants and special events are also offered to enhance the evening (although current pandemic restrictions should be considered). It is not uncommon for men to receive small tokens of appreciation from their soulmates, such as exquisite dinners, clothing, or souvenir wine, but it might also be something more expensive, such as electronics or even a watch.

Verticals dedicated to Valentine’s Day

Gifts are all the buzz this holiday season, so e-Commerce reigns supreme. Clothing, food, and adult items are the most successful. There is an increase in activity on dating apps the week before the holiday since no one wants to be alone on that day. After that, there are the Nutra and Health & Beauty verticals, in which money is spent on self-care and self-beautification as gifts for loved ones. The Travel vertical has historically thrived on this day, but for obvious reasons, it is not worth banking on anymore.

On Valentine’s Day, which GEOs performed best?

Since the 15th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated worldwide as a day of love and devotion. Therefore, its geography corresponds to its origins despite its recent expansion outside of the Catholic world.

Spending on this holiday is highest in Anglosphere countries. Europe follows, focusing on Western Europe. There is also a significant Catholic population in Latin America. In some Asian countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan, this Western practice has caught up. A low priority remains for Africa and the Middle East this holiday season. Once again, Tier 1 Western countries take the lion’s share.

How should Valentine’s Day cards be formatted?

Time-sensitive events are driven by urgency, as with any time-sensitive event. It is normal to expect two bursts of interest: about a week before the holiday when people start to think about gifts, and on the holiday itself, when people are ready to spend money on their loved ones.

It would be good to implement calendar advertising that reminds users of the holiday and push alerts that help them solve their Valentine’s Day gift/activity selection problem in advance. Focus on pop visitors during the actual holiday, especially in the dating and e-commerce verticals. Hot deals are more likely to be taken advantage of as the day draws closer to the evening.

Stay focused on your creatives and get straight to the point, as buyers are less concerned about the details of the holiday than with the individuals they want to express their gratitude. It is easier for people to buy gifts and have a good time than to learn interesting things.

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